We are among the few companies in the textile industry that support sustainable practices through our manufacturing and production processes. We make sure to comply with the norms and regulations designed to ensure that environment-friendly operations are carried out.

We are moving away from long chain molecules and proceeding towards short chain molecules, thus increasing biodegradability. We offer products that enable our clients to use less water and energy in their processes.

Indokem - Sustainability

Using our Products, we can efficiently:

Reduce Power Consumption
Reduce Water Consumption
Discharge Biodegradable Chemicals
ZDHC level 3 version 2.0 certification
ISO Certified Factories

We aim to play an active role in shifting toward a more sustainable world. To that effect, we are committed to restructuring organizational and management tools through human, natural and financial resources for enabling sustainable development. We have defined standard and necessary compliances put in place to ensure environmental protection, handling of chemicals, manufacturing plant and workplace safety precautions.

Product Certifications