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Company Profile
Indokem has been a manufacturer of dyes and textile chemicals since 1946; it is with this vast experience that we have been able to build a strong dealer network throughout the country. With the support of our dealers and our experienced marketing team we have been able to cater to customers all over india keeping their quality and timelines in check.
In 2008, we began to shift our production base from Ankleshwar in Gujarat to a state industrial park just outside of Mumbai. With this move we have been able to successfully maintain separate strategic units for each of our ranges namely, dyes, sizing chemicals and auxiliaries. We have found that we are able to maintain a higher level of efficiency and standardise processes across the board by dividing the factories as per their product range.
We are already catering to several major customers in the market, however, the aim of the company is to slowly develop the existing capacities and become a dominant force in local as well as international markets.
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